Hi there, 
My name's Gary and I just love capturing ' light through my lens '
I am an amateur photographer from Lancashire with a passion for landscape and beachscape photo's, although I do just like generally taking pictures of whatever I can and through this Pandemic lockdown I have played around indoors with some smoke photography and some camera still life.
I started taking photo's when I was a teenager with a Pentax SLR camera. It was trickier back then as you had no screen on the back of your camera to check out the shots. Then it was a long wait for a week at the chemist/photo lab to get the pictures back, just to be disappointed with most of them.
Nowadays with the modern DSLR cameras its a lot easier to get the correct exposure and instantly view your composition on the camera's rear screen.
I have been using Nikon DSLR's and had a few models over the past 10 years of the 7000 series before recently moving over to Nikon's Mirrorless system to save some weight.
Thanks for visiting and please feel free to browse through my website and contact me if you have any questions or just want to say hi. 
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